Your hero is not dead

A new hero is born

Intended for the great endeavours

in small, everyday actions

Egology is a clothing brand. We created it for all the people who don’t wait for change but create it, together, day after day. Everyday heroes who take on every little daily action as if it were the biggest, most decisive undertaking. Women and men whose life is an endless journey in search of the most coveted of treasures: a profound understanding of themselves.

It is with them in mind that we strive for quality, style and comfort in every garment we design. We do it because we believe that this is the only way to support the people who choose our garments to express their personality along their journey. We can only make this effort by protecting the riches of the planet and enhancing every single experience. Curiosity, gratitude and care form the compass that guides us in our quest for a style of clothing that reflects the balance that binds humanity to the earth.

Fall Winter



Vibes, the Fall Winter 2021/22 collection, marks the birth of Egology. A variety of clothes that ranges from kimonos to sweatshirts, including must-have t-shirts, tops and leggings, leads the way to athleisure in line with a dominating casual mood and eclectic style.

Certified organic cotton prevails over other low-environmental-impact fibers and the colour palette brings back to natural colours with dissolving shades that go from cream to licorice, from crock to graphite. Unexpected cuts and volumes, precious details and a comfy fit target a young and cosmopolitan audience always on the move. Versatile and easy to wear but always with a strong character, Egology dresses everyday heroes and heroines, reflects their personality and aspirations and follows them in that long, happy journey that coincides with their own existence.


we believe

We believe in heroism

Because we know that change comes from the small actions of everyday life. For this reason, we actively promote it through our hero points. Those who buy our clothes can collect them by interacting with us and use them to support the causes they care about most.

We believe in communities

Because it is only by acting together that the most significant endeavours can be accomplished. For this reason, we promote a lifestyle that brings people together, respecting the diversity and sensitivity of each individual.

We believe in change

Because it is only through change that we can affect the reality that surrounds us. For this reason, we support the right of every person to aspire to an authentic and harmonious life. We see the journey, be it reading a book or discovering the world, as a means of getting there, one step at a time. We live and remember each moment, allowing it to become the root of happiness.


Much more than an item of clothing

Each of our garments is crafted with great attention to sustainability. This is why we make every one of our products using certified organic cotton and other fibres with a reduced environmental impact. We carefully check every link in the value chain: from the choice of raw materials to the finished product.

Responsibility towards communities

We manufacture our garments in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here we are committed to improving working conditions, promoting a five-day workweek, a fair wage policy and a categorical and rigorous rejection of all forms of child labour.

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